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Hello, classmates. As I was speaking to a group of first-year students during Navigating Rensselaer & Beyond last August it dawned on me we were all in their shoes (personally I was wearing flip-flops) 10 years ago; how time flies!

Joanie Stupik was interviewed by the Hartford Courant this past fall as part of Mercy High School’s alumni spotlight in her incredible job at Jet Propulsion Laboratory. As an engineer, Joanie was part of the JPL team that shepherded the final stages of NASA’s 20-year Cassini program as the spacecraft entered into Saturn’s atmosphere at 77,000 mph. After graduating RPI, Joanie completed graduate studies at the University of Illinois before heading to southern California.

A little closer to Earth, fellow classmates have been making some big job moves. Daniel Olimpio, previously a vice president at Sterling National Bank, moved into a new role within the private client office of Signature Bank in Westchester County, N.Y. Further upstate, Kristin Diotte was appointed director of development for the City of Schenectady. She was previously a project manager and architectural designer with Re4orm Architecture and founded Operation Railbridge, a studio that focuses on re-imagining underutilized public spaces.

If you’ve not heard of the RPI crowdfunding program WeR Gold, I encourage you to learn more. Student clubs and organizations use it as a way to help raise money for needed projects, and it is a way for alumni like you and me to find areas you’d want to support. Last year I helped support updates to the Clubhouse Pub in the Rensselaer Union, and I plan to help this year’s projects like a new vehicle for RPI Ambulance. Look for more information through the alumni website.

Remember to send me any updates you’d like to share with your fellow classmates! —Michael Zwack ’11; zwack@alum.rpi.edu


Congratulations to Megan (Reile) Koharik who was married on July 8, 2017, to RJ Koharik! Their wedding was held in Buffalo, N.Y.

Thank you to everyone who attended our Five-Year Reunion at The Ruck in Troy and contributed to our class gift, which is helping to support students unable to otherwise afford a Rensselaer education!

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5th Reunion: Sept. 27-30, 2018 Welcome to the year of our five-year reunion! With that, I bring five updates from classmates, plus some for good luck.

We went through wedding season, and by now we have another coming up. Power up, Engineers, and let’s send our best wishes to Alyssa Ancin and Brad Shelofsky ’12, who were engaged on August 31. Kevin Zaylor proposed to Rebecca Exley in August and they will be married on their seventh anniversary, Aug. 31, 2019. In the meantime, Kevin and Rebecca work in their respective fields of chemical engineering and architecture.

A fellow freshman Quad resident, Sam Germano, married Chua Quach, and they live in Las Vegas, where Sam is a software engineer at Switch. And finally, another classmate couple wed in a fairytale reconnection: Christopher Rittendale married Anastasia Redding ’12, ’13G last May in Cornwall, N.Y. Christopher and Anastasia met and dated as students, then reunited online. They honeymooned in Alaska, and now reside in the Hudson Valley, where Christopher works for the Department of Transportation as a civil engineer and Anastasia is a data analyst for USAI Lighting.

Zip your gowns and tip your caps to Sarah Mailhiot. From her bachelor’s in Troy, Sarah continued to Montana State University. Through innovative research in applications of MRI technology, she became MSU’s first female doctoral graduate in mechanical engineering. Following this outstanding achievement, she has a postdoctoral research fellowship in Sweden. “Grattis,” as the Swedes say!

I join Sarah across the pond. I relocated to Berlin, Germany, last fall, maintaining my job developing product documentation and training resources with Formlabs. I’ll keep writing in English for now, so please continue to send me your updates. —Stephen Nock ’13; stephenpnock@gmail.com


Hello, all! Happy spring; hope your 2018 is off to a great start! We have some great updates from the Class of 2014 for this spring issue.

First off, let’s tip our caps to Anthony Policastro, who became a registered architect in November.

Matt McGivern and Joe Eilert ’15 made some noise in the world of virtual reality. Their new venture, Spark VR, opened in Vernon last May. Spark houses four VR bays where players can immerse themselves in 15 different games.

A big shout out to Brian Wilczewski who not only started a Ninja Warrior gym (Movement Lab) in NJ but also advanced to the L.A. finals of American Ninja Warrior back in July.

For you Red Sox fans out there, make sure you keep an eye on the CLNS Radio website for articles from 2014’s very own Lars Gjesteby.

Last but not least, we’d like to send out a big congrats to Sarah Williams and Matthew Monaco who got married on Oct. 15, 2017. Please join me in wishing them a long and happy marriage! —Thomas Thayer ’14; t.thayer802@gmail.com


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Hello Class of 2016! I hope these notes find each and every one of you happy in your life. Over these last few months we have had some great accomplishments from our classmates that I am sure you are interested to hear.

First, we would like to congratulate the newly appointed assistant professor of computer science, Dr. Santosh Gupta. Santosh graduated with a Ph.D. in ECSE from RPI and served as a postdoctoral research associate with us. His appointment is at Missouri University of Science and Technology, where he will continue his research in smart buildings, internet-of-things architecture, cyber-physical systems, and tech entrepreneurship.

Switching gears to our more local success stories, we would like to congratulate our K-Plate Korean BBQ owners John Goh and Kevin Shin. The two RPI graduates opened their new restaurant at 75 4th Street in downtown Troy. Starting from a food cart in December 2015, these classmates grew to later join Troy Kitchen until the final unveil of their restaurant this past October. Congratulations to the speedy success of these foodie entrepreneurs and be sure to stop by and check out their amazing BBQ!

I recently caught up with one of our 2016 graduates, Tyler King, and was informed of her newfound recognition. As a design lead for IBM Z Cognitive Analytics, she wanted to make an impact at her work. So, she brought together 1,500 of her closest co-workers through the help of the unexpected: Post-it notes. She posted on the door of every employee words of encouragement and compliment. Her positive message was heard throughout the company so much that she was recognized with an IBM Eminence & Excellence Award and became the first IBM #NewWays2Work Star. Way to go, Tyler!

Last, but certainly not least, I would personally like to congratulate our 2016 classmate Andrew Pla, who will marry his fianceé Stephanie Carter this upcoming fall. The two met while Andrew took a semester at RPI’s exchange school, University of New South Wales, Australia. Best wishes to the happy couple! —Maggie Murphy ’16; margaretmurphy1009@gmail.com


Sasha Rozynova has been hired by the acoustical consulting firm Acentech as a consultant for the firm’s Acoustics Group. She specializes in the design of performing arts centers. The field of acoustics first piqued her interest when she noticed how different auditoriums influenced the quality of musical performances.

Lauren Stenroos was hired as a design engineer by Ryan Biggs/Clark Davis Engineering & Surveying. She will provide engineering support for existing building renovations and historic preservation and masonry and concrete restoration projects.

Aaron Barker has joined architecture+ as an architectural designer. He has worked at the firm since 2014 as a student intern. —Conrad Mossl '17; conradmossl@gmail.com.