influx vol. 2 Showcases Architecture Innovation

Artwork from influx vol. 2

influx vol. 2 is a book highlighting an extensive range of pedagogical and research innovations developed by School of Architecture faculty and students. Covering the years 2012-2019, it was distributed worldwide to leading academics and practitioners.

“Envisioned as a transdisciplinary approach to education, the School of Architecture at Rensselaer is uniquely structured as a constellation of pre-eminent professional and research programs working in tandem to move visionary ideas forward as realizable proposals for a changing world,” says Evan Douglis, dean of the School of Architecture.

The book marks the university’s place as a leader in the creation of forward-thinking solutions integrating design, sustainability, technology, and engineering in skillful and ingenious ways to address some of the world’s most pressing problems in the built environment. Together with imaginative and original renderings of projects, the book covers the professional programs within the school, as well as the Summer Career Discovery Program, public events, lectures, and lecture series posters. 

“The education of an architect is a noble endeavor,” Douglis says. “Given the existential challenges that we face today concerning climate change, the depletion of our energy resources, rising sea levels, species extinction, and social and environmental justice, the urgency to prepare our graduates to respond in creative and innovative ways has never been more important.”