Reimagining the Future of Medicine

Shirley Ann Jackson, Eric Nestler, and Andrew Kimball
Shirley Ann Jackson, President Emerita, Rensselaer; Dr. Eric Nestler, Dean for Academic and Scientific Affairs, Icahn School; Andrew Kimball, President and CEO, NYCEDC

In May, Rensselaer and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai launched the Center for Engineering and Precision Medicine (CEPM) in New York City. CEPM is a joint research and education program between the two entities and is one of the first centers of its kind in the nation.

CEPM will foster education and research collaborations at the nexus of engineering and medicine to significantly improve human health, and will advance the growing field of precision medicine. CEPM will be focused around three pillars: neuro-engineering, immuno-engineering, and regenerative and reparative medicine.

Precision medicine is a personalized approach to disease treatment and prevention based on an individual patient’s biological, environmental, and lifestyle differences. Researchers at CEPM will work to develop new technologies to perfect the way patient care is delivered.

CEPM will offer a joint Ph.D. program, and is also developing other academic programs to enable students to earn joint, dual, or individual doctorates from Mount Sinai and Rensselaer. Among these programs are a joint Ph.D. in engineering and precision medicine; a Ph.D. with a combined master’s degree or certificate in entrepreneurship; and undergraduate research, Capstone Design, and semester away Arch experiences.