On the Bookshelf: Winter 2023

{Published} Celebrating Alumni Authors

Professional Practice 101 book cover

Professional Practice 101: Third Edition 

Andrew Pressman ’77 

This edition of Professional Practice 101 renders accessible the art and science of contemporary architectural practice.

The Divide book cover

The Divide: How Fanatical Certitude Is Destroying Democracy

Taylor Dotson ’15

Why our obsession with truth — the idea that some undeniable truth will make politics unnecessary — is driving our political polarization.

Automated Data Analysis Using Excel book cover

Automated Data Analysis Using Excel Second Edition

Brian Bissett ’01 MBA

Inspired by his experience in the pharmaceutical industry and public sector, Bissett includes examples of fully automating mathematical operations such as linear and non-linear curve fitting and mapping, charting, plotting, sorting, and filtering of data.

Letters From an Accidental Optimist book cover

Letters From an Accidental Optimist: Pandemic Notes on Life, Leadership, and Lifting Each Other Up

Samrat Shenbaga ’98 M.S. 

What do you do when a major global crisis hits and you lead a team of 600-plus employees around the world? You do what you can to keep them safe, calm, and motivated.

Three Degrees and Gone book cover

Three Degrees and Gone

J. Stewart Willis ’66 

In 2087, coastal flooding and extreme changes in the weather have turned the United States into a nation of migrants and tent-cities. In this environment, three family groups struggle with their plights and their dreams for the future.

Creating Q*bert and Other Classic Video Arcade Games book cover

Creating Q*bert and Other Classic Video Arcade Games

Warren Davis ’77

An inside look at the video arcade game industry during the pivotal decades of the 1980s and 1990s.

The Path Along the Way book cover

The Path Along the Way: Stories, Inventions, Incidents, and Encounters Along a Long Life

Kenneth Symington ’53 

A collection of stories, incidents, and happenings, some real, some assumed, and some pure fiction, encountered along the course of a long life lived in several countries, continents, and environments.

The Code of Manavas book cover

The Code of Manavas: Beyond the Realm

Arpit Bakshi ’11 MBA

The year is 2050.2.0000001 and the Manavas are divided into two states, Madhavpur and Ayudhpur. Krishna sees another apocalypse around the corner and he has a way out. Can he save his race this time?