We Hear You!

Many thanks to all the readers who took the time to share their feedback through the Rensselaer Magazine Survey. We learned a lot, and we’re excited to use this information to improve the magazine. Following are some of your comments:

Reader Favorites 

“Seeing what other alumni are doing to change the world, followed closely by what faculty are up to.”

“I strongly identify with ‘Why not change the world’ and enjoy reading about what RPI is on the edge of discovering or what alumni are pursuing to change the world around them.”

“The stories of attacking the serious problems we face such as power grid reliability, data security, AI advances, and the profiles of professors and students who are leading voices in the battle to lead the world with peaceful, supportive solutions.”

“Moving away from the old online format with the embedded, flippable pages is a huge win. Much better now to have native content that is shareable and navigable with unique pages.”

“It is serendipitous. I never know exactly what to expect, so it is a treat to open it.”

Your Suggestions

“I’d like to read more about what RPI thought leadership has on key policy issues affecting STEM education and tech policy.”

“It took me a while to find that the In Memoriam info was online. At my age, that info can be meaningful.”

“More research—especially for health care.”

“More athletics.”

“Archived photos and alumni events!”

“Innovations alumni have been part of.”

“Share buttons on online articles for social media and email. Scan and archive the past print issues.”

With your input, we will continue to evolve Rensselaer magazine and provide you with lasting connections to the university.