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Cyber Protection

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The current COVID-19 crisis has created a series of “new normals.” One resultant effect of the crisis is more working from home ... a trend that will likely continue for much of the rest of the year. With that trend comes more reliance on technology and more time online, for individuals, small businesses, and large corporations. With that comes an increase in hacking and cyberattacks. Three Rensselaer graduates are working together on the frontlines of that cyber battlefront. Josh O’Sullivan and Ray Mendenilla both graduated in 2001. Jessica Lawrence graduated in 2002.

Josh cofounded the Annapolis-based cybersecurity and digital transformation company Ardalyst. Ray is the senior vice president for sales and marketing. Jessica is the lead analyst. As a report from the World Economic Forum says, “It is imperative that leaders strategically manage information risks, work toward a culture of shared cyber-risk ownership across organizations, and take a strategic approach to cyber resilience.”

The three Rensselaer graduates are taking the friendship they formed in school while in the Navy ROTC program — utilizing the experience they received while serving their country in the Navy — and educating people about cyber risk, and helping companies locally and nationally to withstand the current cyber threats in the world.

JOHN SCHOFIELD, Washington, D.C.

Fascinating Games Research

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This cognitive research using games is fascinating (“Level Up for Health,” spring 2020). I’ve been working with elementary school-age kids who appear to be gifted in math. 

The teacher training always says there are different ways to learn, but they often don’t suggest to teachers how to do that, especially when there are several different styles needed in the same class. I hope to see some research regarding that issue.

JEREMY SCHRAUF ’61West Wardsboro, Vermont

Rensselaer Pride

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I received the spring 2020 issue of Rensselaer magazine and was absolutely astounded at the depth and clarity of the various essays regarding research and science applied to the pandemic that has engulfed the world. The extensive efforts of the technology leaders at Rensselaer are without precedence in our world of recent calamity. I plan to keep this issue for reference and to share with family and neighbors with pride and joy in the efforts being extended at the Institute.

I was particularly interested in the applied science of lighting technology by Vital Vio with Delta Air Lines to develop a capability to deal with the need for bacterial cleanliness in the air transportation sector. It would be a significant tool to aid in the effort to return to the previous aura of safety and ease which we were accustomed to. Perhaps the use of multi-element emitters to project the wavelength of the spectrum utilized might be worth being investigated.

Several years ago when I established the Marilyn Goldshine Memorial Cancer Research Fund, it was with the hope that the science and engineering capability at Rensselaer, coupled with the ever-increasing evolution of research in the biomedical field, would make a significant impact on the development of tools to combat events such as that in which we are engaged. It is with pride that I see the Institute is taking a major position in this endeavor.

G.D. GOLDSHINE ’52, Crossville, Tennessee

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