New Degree Program in Biological Neuroscience

Graphic illustration of the human brain

A new degree program in biological neuroscience explores the structure and function of the brain and nervous system. The program provides both an overview and an in-depth study of neuroscience, with an option for a dual degree in biological neuroscience and psychological science that examines the brain on multiple levels of analysis.

“Increasingly sophisticated research techniques are fueling a rapid expansion in our understanding of the brain, and with that, an increasing demand for that knowledge. These new insights open the door to new medical interventions for neurodegenerative diseases and breakthroughs in neurophysiological research. Such advances are tightly linked with developments in health-care informatics, data science, and computer science,” says Curt Breneman, dean of the School of Science.

The curriculum helps students build a solid foundation in the life sciences, chemistry, physics, and math. The upper-level courses From Neuron to Behavior and Cellular Neuroscience give an in-depth experience to familiarize students with the molecular tools that are used in modern neuroscience research.