From Our Readers

Keeping Current

I am so proud to receive the alumni magazine as a graduate of RPI. It is important for us to keep current with the institution’s strategic initiatives and remain involved with its faculty and students. The publication is expertly designed, and its content is always inspiring! It is the high quality I suggest to my alumni relationships with UCONN and CCSU as a model. Be proud of your teamwork and achievements.
Barbara Vallera ’82
Ellington, Connecticut

Forward Momentum

RPI is a far cry from the Institute that my father, Frederick W. Schwartz, Class of 1905 (later professor of chemistry, 1913-1948), graduated from in 1905; or where I earned my two degrees in 1944 and 1948. I am very happy to have my grandson-in-law, Matthew Romanowicz, attending with a double major in electrical engineering and mechanical engineering and doing extremely well.  Keep up the forward momentum.
Richard Schwartz ’44
Peru, New York

Funding the Future

I appreciate the ideals raised in this article by the President (“Preparing for Our Third Century,” Spring 2018). I agree that more funding can help bring in deserving students and faculty. And, of course, AI is the future and needs encouragement. I will do my part in contributing to the Transformative Campaign.
Dr. Rakesh Saini, Class of 2020 parent
Arlington, Texas

Class Notes Connections

Four couples gather at the Crooked Lake Hotel on RPI Graduation Night, June 1949

George Johns ’49, whose class note in the Spring 2018 issue prompted the following response (see below) from Robert Alexander ’49, is shown with classmates Jack Buckley, Ed MacDuff, Bob Jaros, and their dates celebrating graduation night at the Crooked Lake House.

In my senior year in the Greene Building I realized, as an architectural student, I was a complete flop. But what could I do? If I switched to civil engineering, the list of makeup courses would be so long my G.I. Bill time could run out. Then I might have no degree of any kind. So I soldiered on through to my B. of Arch. degree. It took over 20 years after leaving RPI that included domestic and overseas engineering experience and two advanced degrees before I became a professor in civil engineering at California State University at Long Beach. I want George Johns (Class of ’49 Notes, Spring 2018, see photo above) to know that I still have a soft spot in my heart for architecture!
Robert Alexander ’49
Seal Beach, California

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