On the Bookshelf: Spring 2020

Discrete Data Analysis with R Book Cover

Discrete Data Analysis with R

Discrete Data Analysis with R: Visualization and Modeling Techniques for Categorical and Count Data presents an applied treatment of modern methods for the analysis of categorical data, both discrete response data and frequency data. The book, which has an associated website,, explains how to use graphical methods for exploring data, spotting unusual features, visualizing fitted models, and presenting results. Along with describing the necessary statistical theory, the authors illustrate the practical application of the techniques.

Michael Friendly ’66 is a professor of psychology, founding chair of the Graduate Program in Quantitative Methods, and an associate coordinator with the Statistical Consulting Service at York University.

Introducing Communication Research Book Cover

Introducing Communication Research

Introducing Communication Research: Paths of Inquiry teaches students the basics of communication research in an accessible manner by using interesting real-world examples, engaging application exercises, and up-to-date resources. The authors guide readers through the process of conducting communication research and presenting findings for scholarly, professional, news/media, and web audiences. This fourth edition continues to emphasize the internet and social media as topics of, and tools for, communication research, and incorporates new content on online methodologies, qualitative research, critical methodologies, and ethics.

Donald Treadwell, Ph.D. ’87, is professor emeritus, Westfield State University, and has international consulting experience in agricultural extension and health communication.

PrivileGEd Book Cover


In PrivileGEd, the author outlines his career with one of the most iconic companies in America. He begins with stories of his four immigrant grandparents, each of whom was employed by GE. As the first in his family to graduate from college, he found opportunities his grandparents would not have dreamed possible. Extraordinary work assignments, travel across four continents, flights aboard corporate jets, and opportunities to work alongside some of the top talent in GE are all part of the story and capture his unique experience of the American dream.

Michael Davi ’76 was employed by General Electric for 40 years.

Long Ago, on a Silent Night Book Cover

Long Ago, on a Silent Night

This debut picture book by the author offers parallel stories in verse and image that connect a contemporary child’s arrival with that of the Christ child. The lyrical verse is expressed in the voice of a present-day new parent, and the illustrations cast the same baby and parents both in modern times and in the biblical era. The miracle of Christmas and the promise in every new child come together in a celebration of unconditional love and hope.

Julie Berry ’95 is the author of many books for children and young adults, including the Printz Honor book The Passion of Dolssa.

The Path Along the Way Book Cover

The Path Along the Way

The Path Along the Way is a collection of stories, incidents, and happenings, some real, some assumed, and some pure fiction. The author encountered these along the course of a long life lived in several countries, continents, and environments. The contents are arranged in five different periods of his life; they are periods recognized by most, but they describe ever-changing and richer stages in a lifetime. They include myths, dreams, anecdotes, descriptions of places, and imaginative perambulations of interest to any reader curious about life’s surprises, and revelations.

Kenneth Symington ’53 worked in industry as an engineer and as a corporate executive in national and international operations.

Truth of Truthiness Book Cover

Truth or Truthiness

Escaping from the clutches of “truthiness” begins with one simple question: What is the evidence? With his usual flair, Howard Wainer shows how the skeptical mindset of a data scientist can expose truthiness, nonsense, and outright deception. Using the tools of causal inference he evaluates the evidence, or lack thereof, supporting claims in many fields, with special emphasis in education. This book is for anyone who has ever wanted to challenge the pronouncements of authority figures and is a narrative that entertains and educates at the same time.

Howard Wainer ’65 is a distinguished research scientist and statistician, and author of 20 books.