In Memoriam: Fall 2021

Howard Blitman

Howard N. Blitman ’50

Howard N. Blitman ’50 died on Jan. 3, 2021, at the age of 94. A strong supporter of Rensselaer, he served on the Board of Trustees for many years.

For more than 65 years, Blitman was an extremely generous and involved alumnus and supported a number of key initiatives under The Rensselaer Plan. In 2009, he renovated a former hotel in downtown Troy into a new residence hall for undergraduate students, which was named the Howard N. Blitman, P.E. ’50 Residence Commons, in his honor. He was a member of the Stephen Van Rensselaer Society of Patroons and the Heritage Society, and served as a member of the advisory boards for the Department of Civil Engineering and the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences.

In recognition of his contributions to his alma mater, and his great generosity, Rensselaer bestowed upon Blitman the Alis Aquilae Medal (2007), Distinguished Service Award (2006), Alumni Fellows Award (2002), the Albert Fox Demers Medal (1997), and the Alumni Key (1991).

We honor the contributions Howard Blitman made to both the Rensselaer community and to the world.


Peter Fox

Professor Peter Fox

Peter Fox, Tetherless World Constellation Chair, director of the Information Technology and Web Science program, and professor of earth and environmental sciences, computer science, and cognitive science, died on March 27, 2021. He was 61.

Those who worked with him at NASA’s Earth Science Data and Information System Project said, “Peter was a proven leader whose innovative drive helped to often illuminate the future of how data and information can be turned into insight and knowledge.”

A former ESIP executive director described Fox as “a brilliant man, one who had clarity about everything that had his attention,” and said he was “exceptional in every sense of the word — intelligent, compassionate, talented, thoughtful, generous, stylish, and funny. The world is a better place because of his contributions.”


Chang Ryu

Professor Chang Y. Ryu

Chang Y. Ryu, professor of chemistry and chemical engineering and the director of the New York State Center for Polymer Synthesis, died on July 18, 2021 at the age of 53.

Ryu was passionate about education and regularly taught courses to freshmen, juniors, and seniors. He mentored scores of students as a research or academic adviser throughout his 21 years at Rensselaer. Whether in the classroom, his laboratory, or his office, Ryu had a significant impact on the education and career path of many students.

Ryu had over 70 research publications, was co-editor of the book Sustainable Polymers from Biomass, and presented his work both in the U.S. and South Korea. Ryu was also very active in service to his profession as a member of the American Chemical Society’s Division of Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering and the American Physics Society’s Division of Polymer Physics.


Charles Cassell

Charles I. Cassell ’51

Rensselaer Alumni Hall of Fame member, pioneering African American architect, and civil rights activist/leader (1924 – 2021)

Charles Richardson (Dick) Moffatt ’41, B.S., Mechanical Engineering

James Bryce ’44, B.S., Industrial Engineering

Herbert O. Asbury ’45, B.S., Aeronautical Engineering, ’48, MAE, Aeronautical Engineering

Rolf Ochsner ’46, B.S., Mechanical Engineering

Donald Vandenburgh ’47, B.S., Mechanical Engineering

Peter Gross ’47, B.S., Chemical Engineering

Philip W. Clarke ’47, B.S., Electrical Engineering

Donald Harrington ’47, B.S., Aeronautical Engineering, ’48 BAE, Aeronautical Engineering

Michael DiZio ’48, B.S., Aeronautical Engineering

Samuel Lapkin ’48, B.S., Chemical Engineering

Jerome M. Seaton ’48, B.S., Aeronautical Engineering

Frank Tobakos ’49, B.S., Mechanical Engineering

Donald T. Birkmayer ’49, B.S., Management Engineering

Edwin “Skip” Lester ’49, B.S., Electrical Engineering

Robert Stevens ’50, B.S., Chemical Engineering

Howard Blitman ’50, B.S., Civil Engineering

Donal Levitt ’50, B.S., Mechanical Engineering

Irma Sandra Shaler ’50, B.S., Mechanical Engineering

Martin Schneider ’50, B.S., Electrical Engineering

Richard Reddy ’51, B.S., Physics; ’54, M.S Metallurgical Engineering

Benjamin Jackson ’51, M.S., Biology

Charles Cassell ’51, B.S., Architecture

John Crecca ’51, B.S., Chemical Engineering

Carleton DeWitt ’51, B.S., Electrical Engineering

Donald Dilliplane ’51, B.S., Mechanical Engineering

Norman Epstein ’51, B.S., Management Engineering

William Kelleher ’51, B.S., Civil Engineering

Ernest Lademann ’51, B.S., Electrical Engineering

Edwin Von Essen ’51, B.S., Electrical Engineering

John Courtright Custer ’51, B.S., Mechanical Engineering

Richard Reddy ’51, B.S., Physics, ’54, M.S., Metallurgical Engineering

Sven Aage Sealander ’51, B.S., Chemical Engineering

Bruce Wilcox ’51, B.S., Aeronautical Engineering

George Fallati ’52, B.S., Management Engineering

Howard Popper ’52, B.S., Electrical Engineering

Paul Totta ’52, B.S., Metallurgical Engineering

Francis Keegan ’52, B.S., Chemical Engineering

Bruce Knox ’53, B.S., Chemistry

Tom Toy ’53, B.S., Architecture

Wally Mueller ’53, B.S., Electrical Engineering

David Leo Tondreau ’53, B.S. Management Engineering

Arthur Burrill ’53, M.S., Chemistry

Augustus Cutler ’53, B.S., Mechanical Engineering

Jim Ferguson ’53, B.S., Biology

Gordon Kilby ’53, B.S., Civil Engineering

Samuel Wait Jr. ’53, B.S., Chemistry; ’55, M.S., Chemistry; ’56, Ph.D., Chemistry

Ivan Stern ’54, B.S., Aeronautical Engineering; ’57, M.S., Aeronautical Engineering

Joseph LeBlanc ’54, B.S., Management Engineering

Charles Ritter ’54, B.S., Mechanical Engineering

Joseph Sabatella ’54, B.S., Aeronautical Engineering; ’58, M.S., Aeronautical Engineering

Kornelis (Neil) Smit ’54, B.S., Management Engineering

Ivor Preiss ’55, B.S., Chemistry

Michael Turkovic ’55, B.S., Electrical Engineering

Richard Welter ’55, B.S., Mechanical Engineering; ’59, M.S., Management

Helmuth W. “Dutch” Schultze, Ph.D., ’55, Ph.D., Chemistry

Joel Godston ’55, B.S., Aeronautical Engineering; ’62, M.S., Engineering Science

Toby Nadel ’56, B.S., Architecture

Raymond Frenz Jr. ’56, B.S., Civil Engineering

Richard Doviak ’56, B.S., Electrical Engineering

Ron Neaton ’56, B.S., Metallurgical Engineering; ’63, M.S., Metallurgical Engineering

Augustine Albanese ’56, M.S., Electrical Engineering

Alfred Broch ’57

Robert Eisenhard ’57, B.S., Geology

Edward Prescott ’57, B.S., Electrical Engineering

Noel Desch ’57, M.S., Civil Engineering

Edward Kobee ’57, B.S., Physics

Issam Minkarah ’57, M.S., Civil Engineering; ’63, Ph.D., Civil Engineering

Kenneth Wiman ’57, B.S., Civil Engineering

Joseph A. (Bert) Ryburn ’57, B.S., Metallurgical Engineering

Dr. Ira Wexler ’57, B.S., Physics

Carl Dean Lundin ’57, B.S., Metallurgical Engineering; ’66, Ph.D., Metallurgical Engineering

Donn C. Lounsbury ’57, B.S., Chemical Engineering

Frederick Best ’58, B.S., Chemical Engineering

Thomas Grady ’58, B.S., Electrical Engineering

David Moore ’58, B.S., Chemical Engineering

Joseph Travers ’58, B.S., Aeronautical Engineering

Richard Bratton ’58, B.S., Architecture

Ross Sinclair Cann Sr. ’58, B.S., Geology

H. Lawrence Hess ’59, B.S., Mechanical Engineering; ’63, M.S., Mechanical Engineering

Donald Rickert ’59, B.S., Physics

Victor J. Pecore ’59, B.S., Chemical Engineering; ’65, M.S., Management; ’70, Ph.D., Management

Joseph William Rezek ’59, B.S., Civil Engineering

Duane L. Stromer ’59, B.S., Civil Engineering

Richard H. Rapp ’59, B.S., Physics

Thomas E. Johnson ’60, Geology

Wesley Tervo ’60, M.S., Mechanical Engineering

Carmen Cusano ’60, Ph.D., Chemistry

Elia Mottola ’60, B.S., Mechanical Engineering

Mete Nakiboglu ’60, B.S., Mechanical Engineering

Eric Nielsen ’60, B.S., Electrical Engineering; ’62, M.S., Electrical Engineering

Neeli Soundararajan ’61, M.S., Electrical Engineering

Donald R. Gaylord ’61, B.S., Chemical Engineering

Roy V. Bunting ’61, B.S., Management Engineering

John Billingsley Jr. ’61, B.S., Chemical Engineering; ’62, M.S., Management Engineering

Charles Close ’62 FE; ’62, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering

Dr. Robert Athanasiou ’62, B.S., Electrical Engineering; ’65, M.S., Psychology

Michael Duffy ’62, B.S., Metallurgical Engineering

Robert. A. Hall ’62, B.S., Civil Engineering; ’72, M.E, Transportation Engineering

John Fletcher ’63, B.S., Mechanical Engineering

Albert Gran ’63, B.S., Biology

Albert S. Bergendahl ’63, B.S., Electrical Engineering; ’65, M.S., Geology; ’70, Ph.D., Chemistry

Joseph Scanlon ’64, B.S., Aeronautical Engineering

William Stanley ’64, B.S., Physics

Paul DeVivo ’64, B.S., Management Engineering; ’68, M.S., Management Engineering

Richard Hale “Dick” Prosl ’64, M.S., Mathematics, ’66, Ph.D., Mathematics

Arthur Aronson ’63, M.S., Metallurgical Engineering; ’65, Ph.D., Metallurgical Engineering

Edwin Schimler ’65, M.S., Mechanical Engineering 

James F. Stevenson ’65, B.S., Chemical Engineering

William Elliott ’66, B.S., Architecture; ’67, M.S., Architecture

Robert Bergendahl ’66, B.S., Electrical Engineering

Carl Foehrenbach ’66, B.S., Management Engineering

Bruce White ’66, M.S., Mechanical Engineering

Lt. Col. Raymond L. Bilott ’66, M.S., Management Engineering

Richard Lunde ’67, B.S., Management Engineering; ’68, M.S., Management Engineering

Norman Bolyea ’67, M.S., Management Engineering; ’70, Ph.D., Civil Engineering

Gregory Condon ’67, M.S., Mechanical Engineering

Russell Edmands ’67, M.S., Management Engineering

Jerome Kluza ’67, M.S., Management

Richard Unger ’67, B.S., Civil Engineering

Gerald Cohen ’67, M.S., Mathematics

Edward Morgan ’68, M.S., Natural Science

James Spain ’68, B.S., Management

John R. De Hart ’68, B.S., Electrical Engineering

Michael J. Trojan ’68, B.S., Metallurgical Engineering

Thomas Seidel ’69, B.S., Management

Gary Kreppel ’70, B.S., Language & Literature

Gerald Spencer ’70, M.S., Management; ’97, Ph.D., Materials Engineering

Steven Ball ’70, B.S., Aeronautical Engineering; ’71, M.S., Aeronautical Engineering

Judy Lieberman Porte ’70, B.S., Mathematics

Peter John Turner ’70, M.S., Chemistry; ‘73, Ph.D., Chemistry

John Brockwell ’71, M.S., Electric Power Engineering

George Chapek ’71, B.S., Mechanical Engineering

Kenneth Noelsch ’71, B.S., Engineering Science

Martin Tierney ’71, B.S., Architecture

Charles Button ’72, M.S., Computer Science

Larry Fairchild ’72, B.S., Civil Engineering

Peter Pasch ’72, B.S., Engineering Science; ’73, M.S., Electric Power Engineering

Wayne Losano ’73, Ph.D., Communication & Rhetoric

Richard Hollis ’74, M.S., Electrical Engineering

William “Bill” Gambert ’74, M.S., Computer Science

Peter I. Rickard ’74, B.S., Chemical Engineering

John Lafeyette Green Jr. ’75, Ph.D., Communication & Rhetoric

Michael G. Anson ’76, B.S., Mechanical Engineering

Daniel A. Guilzon Jr. ’76, B.S., Nuclear Science

Warren Nichols White Jr. ’77, M.E., Electric Power Engineering

John F. Hennessy III ’78, B.S., Mechanical Engineering

Henri Benoit ’78, B.S., Building Science; ’90, B.S., Architecture

Edward Potter ’80, B.S., Management

Michael Mailloux ’82, B.S., Electrical Engineering; ’84, M.S., Electrical Engineering

Barbara Galli ’82, M.S., Management

Mark Suplicki ’82, B.S., Chemistry

Steven R. Montambault ’82, B.S., Electrical, Computer & Systems Engineering

James Avery ’83, B.S., Building Science; ’87, B.S., Architecture

Mario Zavarella ’84, Ph.D., Urban Environment Studies

Mark W. Berube ’84, B.S., Aeronautical Engineering; ’85, M.S., Aeronautical Engineering

Thomas Anischik ’86, M.S., Management

Debra Goldstein ’86; M.S., Management

David Udelsman ’87, B.S., Building Science

Roger Hatfield ’87, B.S., Materials Engineering

Lawrence J. Polsky ’87, B.S., Management

Mangesh Kale ’89, M.S., Electrical Engineering

Adam Brockus ’96, M.S., Civil Engineering

Peter S. Wilson ’97, M.S., Executive MBA

Ronald Drewlany ’05, M.S., Management

David Wollyung ’10, B.S., Computer Science

Joshua Comer ’15, Ph.D., Communication & Rhetoric

Colton Fisher ’15, B.S., Aeronautical Engineering; ’15, M.S., Systems Engineering & Tech Management

Samuel Katz, Professor in the Department of Geology

Peter K. Lashmet, Professor of chemical & environmental engineering


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