On the Bookshelf: Fall 2021

{Published} Celebrating Alumni Authors

Purpose Driven Achievement Book

Purpose Driven Achievement

Gary L. Smith, MBA ’92

A readers guide through the process of goal setting while fostering productivity.

Dear Hunter Book

Dear Hunter,

Matt DiGeronimo ’99

A compilation of 50 letters, a touching message from father to son, and a way to explore the philosophy of living well with those who follow after us.

Calabash Stories Book

Calabash Stories

Jeffrey Higa ’91

Calabash Stories invites readers to a family table where they are welcomed and nourished by communal traditions.

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Big Mike Uncle Dan Book

Big Mike, Uncle Dan and Me: How I Beat 20th Century New York State’s Most Corrupt Political Machine

Paul Van Buskirk ’56

A 24-year-old professor and engineer leads the challenge to liberate his community from a 40-year reign of political corruption.

Restructuring the Hold Book

Restructuring the Hold: Optimizing Private Equity and Portfolio Company Partnerships

Thomas C. Anderson, M.S. ’90, and Mark G. Habner

A demonstration of how investors and managers can optimize company performance.

Beyond Good Book

Beyond Good: How Technology Is Leading a Purpose-Driven Business Revolution

Theodora Lau ’96 and Bradley Leimer

Authors showcase how fintech is taking the lead and what we can all learn from it.

Short Life Book

The Short Life of Hughie McLoon: A True Story of Baseball, Magic, and Murder

Allen Abel ’71

A haunting biography of the most remarkable and beloved of the baseball mascots, and a new chapter in the mythology of the American dream.

Effective C Book

Effective C: An Introduction to Professional C Programming

Robert C. Seacord ’84

Effective C brings C into the modern era — covering the modern C17 Standard as well as potential C2x features.

False Wisdom Book

False Wisdom

Gary H. Merrill ’69

False Wisdom provides a comprehensive, historically accurate, and contemporary analytical account of the nature of pseudo-philosophy by presenting careful models of the genuine philosopher and pseudo-philosopher.

Wizardry Book

The School of Wizardry: A Handbook for the Modern Wizard

Mario Eisenbacher ’69 (a.k.a. “Mario Garnet”)

This debut novel immerses readers into the lives of students and teachers of the school of wizardry, told from the viewpoint of a modern wizard.